Creative Writing

I've been writing creatively for pleasure my entire life, but only recently started trying to share and publish more. I'm currently attempting to publish an essay per week until I complete 50 of them. If you're following along and like what you're reading, want to encourage me, etc., please reach out!

12 May 2021
"Something Invisible"
Scotty McTape, the rascally-but-helpful, tartan-clad, kilt-wearing kid, was the 1940s era mascot for 3M’s adhesive products, which were named "Scotch" to invoke a stereotype based on Scottish nationality...

5 May 2021
"We All Grow Eyes"
In the early 90s on Sundays my Dad and I drive into Manhattan from south shore Long Island to do the one thing we can always do happily together — eat...

28 April 2021
"The Taste of the Himalayas"
I thought Coors Light tasted like Nag Champa from the age of 13, when I took my first sip in my friend George’s room, suffocatingly thick with smoke from incense...

21 April 2021
"Preserved Lemons"
The first time I dropped a mug and broke it, I was shocked by the lack of drama. Thick, factory made ceramic breaks nothing like dropping a glass...

14 April 2021
"Built for Dreaming"
I learn how to ride a bicycle when we remove my training wheels and my brother balances me at the top of the driveway and lets me go...

07 April 2021
"10 Rules for Editing Personal Essays"
Caring for a Raspberry bushes is confusing — they’re not like other plants. Applying the same rules to Rubus that you do to any other plant is asking for trouble...

"Trust me: you don't want a castle." Published by Rejection Letters, 3/2021.