mrb : writings of Michael R. Bernstein

Hello, my name is Michael R. Bernstein and this is my personal blog. The posts are divided into sections below, because that is how I tend to write - for a period about one subject at a time.

Types and Programming Languages

Benjamin C. Pierce's tome formalizes type systems and offers a different perspective to understanding computation. Notoriously dense, I am slowly making my way through and posts here will likely be sporadic.

Distraction Accretion

I don't know what to expect in terms of what will show up here, but I know I need this section.

Talks and Presentations

I try to follow up talks and presentations I give with posts with materials and an overview. Here are the posts I've managed to write so far.

Concepts, Techniques, and Models

I am working my way through Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming and writing about as much of it as I can. These posts are my take on a very dense and rewarding book.

Computing Without Computers

The more I learn about computers, the more I look elsewhere to help me understand them. This series of posts is an experiment in getting away from the screen.

Distributed Systems Archaeology

I gave a talk at Ricon West in October 2013 called "Distributed Systems Archaeology." This section contains one article written during research, and the available resources documenting the talk, including a written transcript.

Garbage Collection

I tend to get obsessed with topics and get into them deeply. In preparation for a talk, I worked on a series of posts about the very broad subject of Garbage Collection.